Who we are and & what we stand for

We are a dynamic team of architects based in Malta. We are young but with enough architectural experience, knowledge and design intuition to make all we do stand out.

We have the architectural and structural engineering insight to ensure any project is finalised on time and within budget while striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

What we bring to the drawing table is not just design concept but a deep knowledge of the terrain, the best materials to use and a long-term view of all buildings, in any size and form.

See our architecture, our structures and our projects and let them prove what we say in a tangible manner.

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A few words from the director

“I love challenges but I also love finding practical and working solutions for any project we undertake. And this is exactly what we as a team agree on and go for. Nothing is too small or too big for us and if we need more experts or hands on deck we make sure we get them.”

“Architecture is not just about design but the whole interplay of function, form and best materials used.”


You should choose us at MA Architects because we sit down and learn your needs to make sure we give you the best architectural and structural solution in the most manageable way.

We handle all types of architecture and structures focusing on single residential units, offices, apartment blocks and restoration work. We also handle big projects including industrial buildings. We can deliver anything connected to building or building solutions.

What we add is an intuitive side to the design, implementation and structural aspect of all works. Using cutting-edge technology we can prototype your project for you to visualise it before it gets to the building stage. You can practically feel what it will all be like when finalised.

Our technical software helps us give you a better end result with less problems on the way. We believe in coming up with the latest in sustainable building and the best eco-friendly solutions.

We offer an architectural and structural engineering service that will make any construction feel, look and be well designed and finished.