Cliff House

Area/Size: 1,050sq.m

Project Year: 2021

Project Type: Private Residence

Location: Mellieha, Malta

#cliffhouse #architecture #luxurydesign #fengshui

project floor plan

This project came to us through a contact of ours who, knowing our expertise for original creations, wanted our team to explore a design concept for a cliff house in Mellieha. With the potential for stunning views of the sea, our client wanted something modern, fresh and private.

During our design stage we conceptualised a space that could be open and inviting, but feels like an escape from the outside world, with direct access to the view and a connection with the skyline.

Using solar positioning, we worked our design to play with light, shadows, greenery and the skyline. We pushed the boundaries of the roof by aligning the slope with the street ensuring solar panels had maximum access to daylight. A symmetrical design of the roof helped us keep the volume consistent and, through the inclusion of carefully located overhangs, shading was provided in the front and back of the house for the leisure spaces. These overhangs also served as a passive solution to allow natural light to enter the building through the windows and doors without the negative impact of harsh sunlight.

We angled the house on the street side to focus on a central, sunken courtyard which gave both floors more natural daylight, privacy and shading – not to mention more greenery to be enjoyed from the bedrooms and central staircase. This was assisted with bamboo like bars running the height of large floor to ceiling windows that didn’t block the view, but offered additional privacy and a neat structural solution to allow for large open spaces on both floors.

With the same treatment on the reverse of the house, a sunken garden and pathway circling the exterior offered the entertainment floors pleasant views on the side of lush greenery, dotted with concrete stepping stones for easy movement.

Using the principles of Feng Shui, our interior design was based on a steady flow within the space, each room not only featuring contemporary design concepts but also looking at the relationship of function and form, volumes and open spaces – creating harmony for the user.

The kitchen area on the first floor and the master bedroom both lead onto an open area with a pool and outdoor dining area guiding the user to the main feature – the spectacular views of the sea provided by the house’s position on the cliff.

Additional guest bedrooms with adjacent bathrooms and staff bedrooms and a cliff edge private lounge offer a home ready to entertain. The inclusion of a gym and a wine cellar make it a true retreat from the bustle of the outside world.

Where we live is so much more than where we relax, sleep and eat. It is where we dream, learn, work and play. Where we discuss present issues and plans for the future. Where we spend time connecting with friends and family. Space to escape, grow and rejuvenate. Cliff House brings Mellieha something new. Harmonious design with functionality, a flow taking you from the noise of the outside world, through a contemporary, calm home, leading you to an uplifting view of the sea and island.


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