House of Space & Character

Conversion and extension of stunning house of character.

Site area: 463m2

Project Year: 2015 – 2016

Location: St Julians, Malta

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project floor plan
project floor plan

Respect is a key word when we look at projects involving historical buildings. This beautiful old House of Character in St Julians was truly one of a kind and held a lot of potential to be upgraded through a delicate conversion process.

Our client was looking to make the house a modern home, including garage space under the main annex, adding a reasonably sized attractive pool area complete with decking and a small garden and finding ways for the space to be opened up so that they could enjoy numerous bedrooms. Our client also wanted to extend the kitchen area, for spatial reasons and to be able to let more light enter the property. They also requested a building towards the back of the property, connected to the pool area to be converted to a small and fully functioning guest house.

We approached this by considering the existing structure – as opposed to reinventing it through heavy construction work. We chose the alternative which is respecting what existed and maximising it to its full potential. The extension to the kitchen was completed with floor to ceiling glass panels which led onto the pool area. This really infused the space with light and openness. A spiral outdoor staircase made from white cement to replicate traditional Maltese stone was completed with a glass frame to keep the concept of old and new running through the floors. We left the top of these stairs as an open space perfect for reading, sunbathing or catching a few hours of rest and relaxation.

For the pool area we wanted a more tropical element, especially in order to enhance the existing garden. Wood decking and green mosaic inside the pool blended well, but it was the black lava stone slates that surrounded the pool edge which made the overall look feel contemporary and chic. This darkness also contrasted nicely with the classic cream colour of the natural Maltese stone walls.

We worked with this client on every detail, including the materials of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The interior design was all about accentuating the existing building with pops of colour, design and contrasting shapes. We looked at the lighting fixtures to ensure they highlighted areas of darkness and made the overall environment warm and welcoming.

It was an exciting project to work on. We saw the potential in the building and used our design philosophy to bring this to life. It was especially gratifying to be able to conclude the design with the finishing touches in the interior design ideas.

Fully modernised, this historic building was given a new lease of life.

Ready to be enjoyed, loved and lived in every day.


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