The articulation of space.

We’re driven by a shared passion for reinterpreting space, delivering quality and marrying bold creativity with practical function in the architectural field.

Since 2014, our team of dedicated, award winning professionals, have gained recognition in the industry for exceptional service and an expert design philosophy.

Architecture feeds into the very fabric of society. It’s what we see, what we experience and the space we inhabit for inspiration, relaxation, play and work. From residential to commercial projects, we respect the correlation between cutting-edge design and a project’s specific requirements.

We’re keen to take the country forward with bold, beautiful and functional buildings.

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Our Values

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No stone is left unturned in our ambition to deliver quality throughout every step of a project. It’s a reputation we’ve rightfully earned.

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We are not afraid to challenge the architectural ‘status quo’. Sometimes designing the box requires thinking that lives outside the box.

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A keen eye for detail and a dynamic design philosophy that provokes positive reactions in both the beholder and the user of a building.

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Cutting Edge

Function and form, practicality and design. We re-invent the standard, looking at all the possibilities to achieve recognised success.

Meet the team

Meet the team

We are guided by our aspirations to improve our habitats, whatever their purpose. Our hunt for aesthetics that challenge the status quo keeps us on our toes, eager to keep learning, keep exploring and keep delivering award winning projects that connect with a person’s interpretation of beauty.

We stand out for our ability to consider a project’s demands today and how those needs might develop in years to come. The future of architecture depends on our ability to promote well-being through transformational design. Space alone is beautiful, being tasked to design and build it is an honour our team respect every day.

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A word from Mark

Mark Arrigo
Founder & Lead Architect

Fusing creative design with the practical side of construction is our passion. We work to understand a project’s requirements, then we design functional solutions with a bold edge. Our energy, focus and eye for detail is the cement that brings a project together – with tangible results.


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