The Flow

Modern meets classical in this residential dream home.

Site area: 1,200m2

Project Year: 2019 – 2021

Location: Mellieha, Malta

#villa #residentialdesign #mellieha

Designing a new residential property, requires the design and engineering team to find the right balance between capitalising on modern treatments, incorporating classical features and using materials that respect the nature of the terrain.

This new residential property was a shared dream for a couple, who also had somewhat conflicting visions of how the space should be designed. They wanted beauty. They wanted functionality. They wanted a house they could fully enjoy in their day to day lives, whatever the season. The topography and permit restrictions on the maximum height were also two challenges to overcome.

Our solution was to create a landscaped design, with this almost continuous flow of architecture that enabled the outside to travel inside and the inside outside. We designed three volumes of space that intersected each other, with break out elements to give the place numerous openings, maximum light and design that intrigued rather than bored. Although the lines were formidable and the materials strong, sleek and sturdy, the outcome was a harmoniously designed loop of space that complimented the setting, the owner’s vision and the overall experience we wanted to achieve of modern meets classical.

Sunken courtyards linked to the pool which was flush with the floor. This created a very pure environment – free from clutter, free from design ‘noise’. The main bedroom was designed to look upon the expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, an enviable view we had to maximise. High ceilings inside of the living volume helped to create a sense of openness, easing the mind through its expanse and freedom. We then used a smaller volume as a wing to the side for the sleeping quarters, whilst the main bedroom, kitchen and wine cellar held the centre position.

We chose stone, timber and a wealth of green shrubbery not only for their Mediterranean colours, but also because warmth in a home is equally interpreted by the texture we can see and touch. Designing for all our senses can help a user appreciate the aura of the space that was initially set out to be achieved.

The delivered design was much more than a house. We created a unique home and a happy compromise for a couple with differing visions but one dream – a beautiful home they could love, enjoy and be proud of.


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