Villa Serenity

A contemporary treatment of residential space.

Site area: 750m2

Project Year: 2016 – 2019

Location: Madliena, Malta

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Design often has to make efficient use of space limitations and any imposed height restrictions, whilst also delivering the required results. These were the challenges we faced when we kick started our proposals for this new 5-bedroom residential home situated in the idyllic town of Madliena, Swieqi.

The owners were looking for a design that incorporated a pool, wine cellar, spa and gym area and that made the most of Malta’s 365 days of bright sunshine. To counter the challenges, we opted to stack rectilinear volumes that grew in size as they moved upwards, wrapping along the building, helping us to achieve the required space on the allotted footprint.

Using only a concrete façade and a central wall as our structural components gave us the flexibility to add lightweight partitions inside. This meant we could design the environment to our client’s wishes and give them the flexibility to adapt the building’s layout with ease in the future.

The stacked volumes helped us to create shaded terraces along the first floor including the south façade. Light was of the uttermost importance in our design, so our proposal for the pool included bottom glass panels, which created skylight ceilings for the wine cellar and dining area below.

Full glass sliding doors and windows surrounded the building, allowing as much natural light in as possible. This was supported by internal nook style windows that let light flow from one room into another, optimising a sense of openness.

Floating staircases that led up through the levels created an airy lightness to the design, complimented by the concrete/wood-coloured panels that made up the central wall giving a feeling of strength and protection.

Great design and engineering must work hand in hand to deliver dream homes for our clients. A contemporary treatment of space that fulfils functionality but also creates that welcoming aura of sanctuary that every home deserves.


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